Remembering Selma

Every year, thousands come to Selma, Alabama, to commemorate “Bloody Sunday,” which occurred March 7, 1965, when a group of about 525 African-American demonstrators gathered at Browns Chapel Church to demand the right to vote. They…

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Advancement & Development

1. David Person 2. Ruby Lathon, Ph.D. 3. Colin Sandy and Carla Sandy 4. Carmen B. Bucknor, Ph.D. 5. Frenita Buddy 6. Ryan Lang, M.D.

Alumni Notes

1970s The Class of 1976 will celebrate their 40th reunion, March 24-27, 2016. They are on Facebook: OC CLASS OF 1976, and the email is: Class reunion members are: Dianne Terrell Malone (618-558-8477), Freda James…

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OU Magazine Winter 2015

Values in the Attic

by George Johnson, Jr. While living at my grandmother’s house during my childhood, there was one place that, whenever I got a chance, I found myself stowing away. It wasn’t my bedroom. It wasn’t the patio….

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